Return to God Apostolate – Mission and Strategies


We seek to raise awareness of the issue that Americans, increasingly, are living their lives without the graces of spiritual and moral direction or fellowship that are realized from a prayerful, God-centered life, based upon the Gospels of Jesus Christ.  We welcome all who are hurting or suffering from loneliness, rejection or any type of physical or mental pain and seek to provide comfort by helping them understand that they are truly loved by God, and that he will not abandon those who seek him.  We strive to achieve this through peaceful, public prayer events, designed to help everyone we encounter to stop and reflect on the presence of God in their own lives.   We stand ready to meet one-on-one with all whom we encounter to reassure them that there are others who care about them and that God will nourish their hearts and souls, if they would only reach out to him.


  • Spread our “Return to God” message by exposing it to as many people as possible
  • Ultimately, reverse today’s societal trends of increasing secularization and the turning away from God
  • Publicly witness that God is alive and well in the hearts of Christians, even in the midst of today’s increasingly secular and spiritually void popular culture.
  • Strengthen and bolster our RTG members spiritually by standing together, publicly, and exercising our rights of public assembly and freedom of worship
  • Help all who encounter our group prayer events to stop and reflect on where God was/is in their lives, past, present and future, in a peaceful, non-incendiary way.
  • Provide comfort and healing to those who are hurting, for whatever reason, by listening to them, asking if there is anyone on their hearts who needs prayer, and reassuring them that their intentions will be added to the RTG petitions.
  • Pray for the enemies of God who seek to eliminate his presence from our society and for those who are either indifferent to, or are easily dissuaded from belief in a loving, just God
  • Become a force for positive change in our local communities
  • Encourage the belief that we all need God in our lives, and the knowledge that we are ultimately made stronger when we surrender our will to His Will


We seek to achieve these Objectives through…

  • Prayer, prayer and more prayer!  Including public prayer, in small groups and individually
  • Being guided by our spiritual director and ultimately, the Catechism and leadership of the Holy Catholic Church
  • Engaging people in a peaceful, non-confrontational manner, while truly listening to their concerns, trials and needs
  • Striving to live our own lives filled with the Holy Spirit and to attract others to Christ’s message by demonstrating our Love for each other and for strangers
  • Appealing to St. Joseph, the patron saint of our apostolate for strength, courage and guidance
  • Regular participation at Mass, worthy reception of the Eucharist and frequent use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Utilizing modern media communications channels (TV, Radio, Website, Print and Social Media) to promote awareness of our ministry and to solicit new members as well as spiritual and financial support
  • Building and leveraging a database of RTG members who have agreed to support the apostolate at some level, and by mobilizing this group to action by providing opportunities to participate like:
    • Attending or creating Public Prayer Events
    • Praying for the apostolate on their own
    • Sharing their positive experiences and what they’ve learned from participation in the apostolate with other members on the website
    • Showing them how to utilize friends, family, social media etc… to promote the apostolate
    • Participating through financial contributions
  • Facilitate the growth of the RTG ministry in other parts of the country by establishing firm rules, beliefs and guidelines for others who may wish to establish this apostolate in their own communities
  • Witnessing to our own family, friends and coworkers about the positive impact the RTG apostolate is having in our community