“Return to God” Public Prayer Event Recap: February 20th, 2021

On a sunny yet brisk Saturday, last Feb. 20th, about 50 gathered at Huntersville’s Veterans Park for another Public Prayer Event.  These monthly events are orchestrated by the “Return to God” Apostolate, a lay ministry begun just last year by members of St. Mark’s Catholic Church. 

The objectives of the events are to encourage as many people as possible to renew their faith in God, through the teachings of Jesus Christ, while strengthening its own members spiritually.  Those attending were led in prayer by Fr. Yumo who serves as spiritual director the Apostolate.  Many described the experience of standing together publicly, shoulder-to-shoulder, in prayer as spiritually uplifting.

Sharon Theriot explained, “I came out here to be in unity with my brothers and sisters.  Our country so badly needs to have Christ at its center.”  Barbara Hauser described the experience as “UP-lifting” during a period when “everything seems down, especially since Covid.”

The events at the busy intersection where Veterans park is located, are witnessed by hundreds of passersby.  Reactions generally vary from indifference to enthusiastic support.  Many who drive past honk their horns in encouragement as they pass by the large “Return to God” sign, surrounded by a sizable group of men, women and children all praying in unison. 

The Return to God Apostolate strives to remind all whom they encounter that we ALL need the Lord in our lives and that prayer is powerful.  The founders created this organization organically as a result of their frustration with the many signs that the United States of America is becoming less and less, a nation of practicing Christians. 

“I LOVE this event.”  Added Dave Stoughton.  “It’s great to come out and pray together for our nation to come back to God.  This nation needs repentance and it needs God.”  All of the attendees described the prayer event as ‘uplifting,’ with many adding that they felt ‘energized’ by the experience of praying together publicly.  The event concluded with a song and a blessing by Fr. Yumo.