Living in this covid crazy world of ours, how refreshing to pray in the public square with like-minded, joyful Christians. Wonderful to gather with others to lift our voices to our God to heal our land!

Barbara, Huntersville, NC

It has been a wonderful, powerful experience. Love to be able to pray with the loud speaker, so we all can hear and enter into prayer in our hearts. A blessing when cars pass, praising God and supporting us.

Martha, Huntersville, NC

After watching the disturbing events of this summer, I felt compelled to publicly witness to the need for humanity to return to God. We may never know if our efforts changed any hearts, but God cannot be outdone in generosity – after each prayer rally I was filled with such joy!

Susan, Huntersville, NC

Bringing our community together and praying in public with each other has given me strength and hope in these trying times. Watching the people passing by as we are praying, I believe has also given them hope too. We have had great response from the local community.

Pat, Denver, NC

The fruits of praying in the public square has exceeded expectations.  As people drive by, see the return to God signs, see us waving and they wave back or honk their horns, is very moving.  It may have been exactly what they needed in their life at that moment.

Pepper, Huntersville NC

Praying in the public square is a humbling and rewarding experience for my teenage daughter and I. Together we look forward to praying to our Lord in unity. Through the Return To God Now events, our christian journey is enriched; while at the same time, displaying and encouraging others of the importance of prayer outside the church building.

Ron – Charlotte, NC

As a kid, it’s hard sometimes to be able to pray in public without anxiety of wondering if you’ll be judged or embarrassed by people you know. However, in a big group it’s easier to feel comfortable. Everyone is very nice and inclusive and it’s a good way to spend my Saturday praying to God for our country and others.

Syd – Charlotte, NC